Thursday, June 4, 2015

Wedding stationary: Must Haves v. Nice Haves Part 2

On Monday we highlighted the different stationary needed or wanted for the ceremony part of your day. RSVP cards are a big part of the reception portion because it not only gives you a headcount, they also let the caterer know who is eating chicken and who chose steak (if you're having more than one menu option).
Speaking of caterer, another stationary option that's more of a nice have than a necessity are menu cards. If there are foreign foods or maybe you included some of your childhood favorites straight from grandma's cookbook, a menu card can be a nice touch to clue your guests into how special the meal is. This can be as simple as a few cards at the buffet. If you have a larger budget then one per table or even place setting can be an option.
Table numbers and placed cards are a must have if you are having assigned/suggested seating. The numbers themselves can be as simple as a piece of card stock with a number on it, or as extravagant as tables named after the happy couple's favorite books or movies. Another great idea is to make personalized wine labels for the bottles of wine or champagne for toasting or if you are using wine bottles to hold centerpiece flowers. The labels can be your table number, serving a two-fold purpose. Direct your guests to their seats and look beautiful in the process.
One wedding we did had a candy and sweet buffet since the wedding took place on Sweetest Day (second Saturday of October). Each place setting had a little info on the history of Sweetest Day and why it was special to the bride and groom. If you're having a cocktail hour or any special treats throughout the evening, special-made signs, labels or cards can be a be a beautiful way to let your guests in on just how special your day is.
When everyone has gone home, the honeymoon is over and the gifts are unwrapped, thank you cards are a must. It can be a cute picture from the big day, something that looks like a postcard from your tropical honeymoon location, or a tradition card, just make sure you have it!
And remember, first comes love, then comes marriage...then come baby announcements! Stay tuned for our next blog post on everything baby! In the mean time, check out all the new digital downloads/printable stationary in our Etsy shop!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Wedding stationary: Must Haves v. Nice Haves Part 1

Gone are the days of the white bifold invitation with embossed lettering complete with reception and RSVP card. OK, maybe those days aren't gone for some people but for most, the invitation is the first part of your weddings style that guests see. Now more than ever there are dozens of options: paper, style, foil press, color, size, cut, etc. Not only that but there are a multitude of add-ons to choose from. You can have save-the-dates, engagement announcements, thank your, programs, menus, reception cards, table numbers, placement cards...
The list goes on and on!
But what are must haves and what are nice haves? 
First and foremost the invitation itself is a must. Whether simple or elaborate, if you're having guests at your ceremony you need to tell them when and where it is. If your reception is at a different location you either need to fit that information on the invite or order a separate card. It all depends on the amount of space your design allows.
Having a destination wedding or a lot of out-of town guests? If you answered yes then a save-the-date is a must-have. You want your guests to have plenty of time to ask for time off work, make travel arrangements or even save up to go to your fabulous beach wedding. 
RSVP cards are a must-have if your venue is tight on space, if you have two rounds of invitations to send based on the number of "with regrets" you receive, or if your guests can bring plus ones. If your guests will have more than one menu option then you will also need the RSVPs to give your caterer the proper head count.
One last thing for the ceremony: programs. A lot of people forgo this more traditional piece of stationary. It all depends on what you want your guests to take away from your ceremony. Personally I file this under the "must have" list. For our wedding we used it to introduce my extended family to members of the bridal party from my college days, to recognize dear friends and family who performed our ceremony music and to honor those family members who we held dear to our hearts who couldn't spend the day with us.
Stay tuned for part two of this post on Thursday, which will focus on reception and post-reception stationary pieces!
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