When Joyce Honigford opened her photography business 15 years ago, the world was just starting to change over to digital media. She learned the ins and outs of photography art with a completely manual camera, giving her the understanding it took to be a great photography. As the world moved quickly into the digital age, she learned the ins and outs from the digital side as well. 

After using Photoshop for nearly a decade to touch up and edit her photos, she began to create intricate collages and artwork for her clients. When senior pictures turned into senior pictures with an invitation design, Impressive Prints was born.

Today Impressive Prints designs beautiful, fun and creative invitations and other stationary. They have been sold throughout the country and the world, including Singapore, Australia and Mexico.

Joyce, along with her two daughters Jessica and Jennifer, loves to create something special for the special moments in life. Weddings. Births. Anniversaries. Each of these moments should be recognized in a unique way.

Their passion to help you make the big days in your life special, drives them to keep up on the latest trends, to think outside of the box, and to customize their products to fit your needs.

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